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Tire Evaluation – Vittoria Voyager Hyper

The Voyager Hyper is Vittoria’s lightest and quickest touring bike tire. Vittoria specifies the Voyager Hyper as an ultra-light touring bike bicycle that inherits the majority of the technology that is also used in their fastest street bike tires. Having a predetermined weight of merely 395 g for the 37-622 variant, this is really among the lightest flying bicycle tires on the industry. The 37-622 variant is used for this particular evaluation, 32-622 and 40-622 sizes can be found also.

Even though the Voyager Hyper is quite like a huge road bicycle tire, it will include a coating of “Rate Shielding” puncture resistance substance. The additional layer of puncture resistance substance prevents punctures while still giving a minimal rolling resistance and weight reduction. What’s more, that the Voyager Hyper includes a 120 TPI nylon casing, Kevlar 3D compound, and also a nearly slick tread design that provides it a speedy appearance.

After analyzing the Vittoria Randonneur (read review) a while before, I am excited about analyzing another Vittoria traveling bike tire to find out whether Vittoria can challenge Schwalbe for the lowest rolling resistance traveling bike tire. The Voyager Hyper appears very much like this Schwalbe Marathon Supreme (read review) which I have tested lately too, the Supreme is going to be the primary tire to compare this specific scooter with for today.

All rolling resistance evaluations are conducted on our rolling resistance test system. Read our The Evaluation page for a detailed explanation about how we examine tires.

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Though the designated weight of this 37-622 Voyager Hyper is 395 g, my sample of this Voyager Hyper comes in at 415 g. The measured diameter onto a 17C rim, in an air pressure of 60 psi is 37 mm. 37 mm is fine to get a 37-622 rated scooter and a bit larger than the Schwalbe Marathons of the identical size. The measured height is 35 mm, which can be great also.

As anticipated from a tire having a nearly slick tread design, tread thickness of the key grooves is reduced at only 0.8 mm deep. What is more intriguing with (nearly) slick tires would be that the entire Tire Thickness Tread dimension that informs us just how much rubber is about the tire. Having a depth of 3.3 mm in the middle of the bike, thickness is similar to quickly road bicycle tires but much less than many other traveling bike tires. The Schwalbe Marathon Supreme has a depth of 5 mm that means it’s nearly two times as much rubber to wear down.

The entire depth of the sidewalls is 0.8 mm, which is sensible for this type of mild tire. 0.8 mm is a little greater than the Marathon Supreme that came in at 0.7 mm.

From the rolling resistance evaluation, the Voyager Hyper works very, very powerful to get a flying bicycle bicycle. It outperforms the Schwalbe Marathon Supreme by near 10% in the higher end of this atmosphere pressure range. In the lower end of this aviation range, the benefit of this Voyager Hyper increases to near to 15 percent.

When we compare the Voyager Hyper to quickly road bicycle tires, rolling resistance is virtually equally as low. Though rolling resistance is a little lower than the very best performing all-round tires such as the Continental GP4000S II (read review) or Vittoria Open Corsa (read review) , it will come very near tires such as the Vittoria Rubino Pro (read review), Michelin Professional 4 Service Course (read review), or Continental Grand Prix (read review) . It is clear you do not require delicate and mild tires to have a very low rolling resistance.

From the raw puncture resistance run evaluation, the Voyager Hyper scores 12 points. 12 points is a little less compared to Marathon Supreme that scored 15 points. From the sidewall evaluation, it will outperform the Supreme by two factors (4 Vs 6). In comparison to fast road bicycle tires, performance is adequate as many other all-round tires at the street bike class score near 12 points at the tread evaluation also.

Since the Voyager Hyper has quite a low total tire depth in the middle of the scooter, Puncture Factor is extremely low. Having a Puncture Factor lower-level score of just 40 points, it sits in the base of the traveling bike class. The Marathon Supreme scores 75 points in this evaluation that’s nearly two times as much. Having a score of 5 points, the Voyager Hyper does outperform the Supreme (3 factors) from the Puncture Factor Sidewall calculation.

The Vittoria Voyager Hyper is pretty much a large road bike scooter disguised as a flying bike tire. Rolling resistance with an air pressure of 90 psi is similar to off-road bike bicycle tires pumped up to 120 psi. In comparison to other traveling bicycle tires, the very low rolling resistance will come at the expense of a low complete tire depth (less elastic to wear down) and very low puncture resistance. Check out Bikespumps to learn more about bike pump walmart.

I speed that the Voyager Hyper 5/5 since it sits on peak of the traveling bike category for rolling and now resistance remains the most crucial factor here. I have to add that the Schwalbe Marathon Supreme (read review) is likely the superior all-purpose tire when you examine the big picture and think about different things such as the amount of rubber to wear down and puncture resistance. If you’d like the absolute lowest rolling resistance, then the Voyager Hyper is your tire for you.

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